Friday, April 20, 2012

Una Notte in Newport Beach

On Monday I accompanied my boyfriend and his family to the exclusive Zagato unveiling event "Una Notte" at the Aston Martin dealership in Newport Beach. It was the perfect event since he loves cars and I love fashion and they managed to include both!

The event was Italian themed with delicious wine and hors d' ourves. The car was amazing but even more exciting was a fashion presentation from design house Emilio Pucci! They had the tallest models walking around with amazing colorful dresses with beautiful patterns from their 2012 Spring/Summer collection!



In love with the dress in the middle, what a beautiful pattern!
Inspiring Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

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  1. Loving it! Pucci my fav xoxo - Mischa

  2. Alexa I had no idea you had a blog - and a very professional and interesting one, at that! This event sounds incredible, I'm glad you're happy and following your dreams. I guess we've come a long way since spring 2010 :)

    1. Hi girl! Thanks so much, you're so sweet! I'm so happy to hear from you! it's been a while! Didn't know you had a blog either! I can see you have kept yourself busy and it's amazing you were studying in europe again in 2011!! So jealous! Maybe you should pay me a visit in Honduras soon!? :) Keep blogging, I really enjoyed reading it! :)

  3. Hi Alexa,

    Thanks for attending the event. Your write-up and images were perfect!

    Aston Martin Newport Beach


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