I'm a Honduran fashionista, dreamer, aspiring fashion designer, graphic designer, painter and above all an adventurist and life lover. I was born and raised in Honduras, moved to California for college and I am now working here in Orange County, while njoying life in the sunshine state and fashion incubator.

Someone once told me, life is too short to not do the things you dream about NOW.. Take action on your dreams and don't wait just because you are fearful of what can happen. Best advice I have ever heard from a complete stranger and just what I needed to realize I should get started on my dream of becoming a fashion blogger.

In my blog I write about what inspires me in hopes of inspiring other people. In Honduras, fashion culture is just starting to develop, nevertheless, my country has provided me a different perspective on fashion and I am so appreciative of that. Obviously, we all read the countless aspirational blogs that have made it far in the fashion blogging scene, however, they inspire people to dream... To aspire to a lifestyle of expensive clothes and trips every week. In the end, they are exactly what their name implies, aspirational blogs... and we all love them.. we all love to dream. Unfortunately, the reality is that most fashion bloggers can't afford to feature designer clothes in every post, but still the fashion sense and the ability to look great even when on a budget is a great talent. That is what I hope to accomplish with my blog, to inspire the millions of fashionistas who strive to put together amazing and creative looks even when designer clothes are unattainable and the options are limited.. Behind every blogger and every outfit is a story, and I hope my blog will enable me to explore what inspires people's fashion sense in a deeper way.


Alexa :)