Friday, June 17, 2011

Popping Summer Colors!

I've had this Zara skirt for a while and I really love the colorful pattern it has, and the pockets are a definite plus! However, as beautiful as it is, I've only worn it once (that I can recall) as I couldn't find a belt to wear with it and I didn't like how it looked without one. Finally, during a spring break shopping spree when I was up north around San Francisco I found this cream colored one and thought it'd go well with the skirt, along with the wedges I had bought a few weeks before. So here is the look I finally came up with for that amazing silk skirt, so excited I'll be able to wear it more often now! Perfect pop of color for this season!

Btw: I just designed the new blog title you see at the top, let me know what you think of it? Hope you like it! I'm working on improving my blog, changing the layout a bit, maybe the colors, and I'm also thinking of some exciting new content to add to it! Including some DIYs! Let me know if you have any ideas of what you'd like to see! :)

This look is also on so if you like please hype it :) Thank you!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!



  1. Quite stunning - I love it :) So funny because I just wrote a piece today about how a belt can completely make or break a look :P

  2. Muy bonito el banner del título del blog :) . Yo para estas cosas soy muy torpe, así que siempre que veo un banner diferente, me parecen muy bonitos :) . ¡Enhorabuena!

    Por cierto, te sigo :) .


  3. Your skirt is gorgeous! so unique:)


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