Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lady Gaga attends Honduran Fashion Show.. or so I wish..

It's such a beautiful and amazing day in Honduras and that just puts me on the best spirits! I just woke up, yes I know... it's 11am, but hey! I'm on vacation so I better be racking up on sleep hours! I'm also trying to adjust my sleep pattern to resemble a normal person's, as every summer I end up waking up at 2pm and going to bed after 4am.. May as well become a vampire.. haha.

Anyway, last week my friends and I went to a fashion show and I thought it'd be nice to post some pics from that event. It was a cool event except for the fact that we waited around for 2 hours before it started but I didn't mind it too much as I was catching up with my girls! The event was sponsored by Remington, so the girl's hair was done using their products ( hair curlers, irons, etc) and they were wearing clothes from a Honduran boutique located in a couple of our malls. Also, we were excited to find out that by turning in a raffle coupon we had filled out we were given a gift bag with our own little pink&brown ceramic hair straightener and also a keychain or miniature flashlight. I have included a picture of it below :).

Of course, as every other fashion show it lasted 15 min and then there was a raffle. Sadly, neither my friends or I won any of the good prizes (ipad). Then they were serving some hor d'oeuvres (I have to admit I had to google the spelling of that word..) but we decided to head somewhere else for dinner as there was a long line for the miniature food and our empty stomachs weren't gonna wait.

P.S. I only have one pic of all of us but I'm hoping some other ones will resurface from the photographers who were taking photos of the guests before the event. Also, since I wasn't able to sit on the first row and seeing that this was the first day with my beloved new camera, I hadn't learned to blur the background or anything like that haha you'll see what I mean below.

Love'em! <3

precious electric blue dress!

Honduran Lady Gaga and her dancers! haha

Remington's gift -pink/brown mini hair straightener


  1. i love these pictures!

    Join the vintage give away on my blog if you like :)

  2. Great post!! Loving all the clothes

  3. Que bellas las cuatro!!
    Vaya q si me hiciste reir con eso de la Gaga hondureƱa. Heeheehee...silly you.



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