Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Resolutions

Who says resolutions are only for new years? I don’t think so. Therefore, I have decided to make a list of my summer resolutions. I guess you may just call them goals, in the end I’m not sure of the difference between both. I've always had a good idea of what I want to achieve throughout certain periods in my life but I have never decided to write them down. People say checklists are a helpful tool to keep yourself organized and even though I’ve never really been a fan of to-do-lists, I’m hoping this one will be different and will keep me focused throughout the summer. Maybe you should give it a try as well :). Anyway, here it goes:

1. First and foremost, to spend lots of quality time with my family and friends in order to enjoy my time at home to the fullest.
2. Write on my blog at least 4 times/week, which is not a problem because I love doing it and it’s my own way to vent.
3. Start doing exercise regularly, however, seeing that I can’t even ride my bike or run on the streets when I’m in Honduras (I appreciate life too much & don’t wanna risk it), I probably should hit a gym.
4. Figure out what do to with my life once January 2012 comes… (no more denial phase, in the end it has got to happen :s).
5. Read the entire manual that came with my camera and learn what every single one of those buttons does (they must be there for something).
6. Read the fashion illustration book I bought and start practicing again.
7. Continue to improve my Italian, by finishing an Italian romance novel I’ve had for some time and watching Italian movies.

I leave you with some photos from when my friend took me to the shooting range on my birthday, it being my first time there I must admit I was a lil nervous. I find it kinda funny that I still don't look like a bad-ass even when I'm armed haha.

Firing my first shot, just about to be scared by the very loud sound it makes

Him showing me how to load the gun, in case I would ever need to

Definitely not a bad-ass photo but at least I was making the officers laugh haha

My friend firing the first shot

Firing the big guy
Not a fashion related post but I thought I'd share this experience with you all. I know this is not your typical shooting range but have you ever gone to one?


  1. Ostris, qué miedo. A mí me da algo si tengo que coger un pistolón de esos... Qué gracia me ha hecho lo de los botones de la cámara, jajaja. Yo cuando me compré la mía, al principio me pasaba lo mismo :D


  2. jaja bella! vieras que miedo tenia al principio! lo peor es el FUERTE ruido que hace.. Y todavia sigo tratando de averiguar todo lo de mi camara.. cual usas tu? ahora estoy tratando de figure out que camara lense me compro! jaja


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