Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hair, makeup, outfit---> CHECK!

On Wednesday, my favorite Honduran designer, Yoyo Barrientos presented some of his outfits on a little runway show for an event. My friend and I participated in his show and these are some photos of the "getting ready" process we went through earlier that day. We head over to his shop around 4pm to try on the outfit we would be wearing. Since it was a small event, we were 9 girls and we modeled only one look each. I lovedddd mine! Then we went to the salon to get our hair and makeup done and by the time we were done it was 7:30 pm and we had to head over to the event. It was a really fun experience as always, especially when you do it with friends! I will be posting the photos from the event later today or tomorrow. Hope you like them! :)

With our hair done!

My friend Marce getting her hair done

With a ton of bobby pins holding the curls in place, don't worry, it won't look like that later :)

Getting started

White eyeshadow

Applying the jet black eyeliner marker

Fake eyelashes, gotta love'em!

Eyes first, foundation last!

almost done with makeup!

Love the long eyelashes!

I promise I'll post the photos from the event really soon :)


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment honey!!!You both guys look amazing!New follower :)!

  2. That looked like fun! And you looked good. I love the dress!

  3. Wow, looks like a great and fun event. Everything looked so beautiful! :D


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