Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally, Fashion Show Night!

What I wore in the show

Outfit by designer Yoyo Barrientos

All of us with Yoyo

What I wore

Honduran designer Yoyo Barrientos

Wine and champagne tasting

Dinner Buffet

Took me longer than I expected to get around to writing the second part of the fashion show post. I was sick for the last two days, not fun... Feeling way better now and ready for it! So, here are the rest of the pictures from the event! We are all wearing designs from Yoyo Barrientos, an extremely talented Honduran fashion designer. I wore a white top with a bow and a fitted high-waisted skirt made out of this beautiful off-white fabric with a champagne color kind-of-flowery pattern. I loved the texture of both pieces, especially the skirt! What do you think about it?

The event was so fun and after the show we were able to enjoy wine and delicious champagne, sample many different kinds of cheese, check out more jewelery like the one provided for us with the outfits, etc. We sat down to chat and enjoy some dinner from the buffet, I have to admit I was starving by that time and it made me so happy hahah. We ended our night by going out to a lounge and grabbing a drink with my friends.

I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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  1. Eeek! Love the skirt! You look FAB girl!

  2. so i JUST showed these pictures to my mom because i like to brag like that haha and she was like, wow i knew i loved this girl she has the most amazing look and style. it was so cute thought i would let you know, great post, love you xx

  3. wow, very nice!!
    love the dress, so amazing look :)


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