Monday, June 13, 2011

Twiggy, a fashion inspiration!

So just the other week I was watching Project Runway and in that particular episode the models chose the designers and then picked a fashion icon to be modernized by the designers. The possibilities included my fave Audrey Hepburn, Cher, Jackie O, Marilyn Monroe, etc. I must say that this was the day I was introduced to Twiggy. I hadn't heard about her up to this point (not sure how that's possible) but for some reason I was really curious since I saw her photograph in the show and I started researching her. After that, I HAD to write a post about her. I must say, she is such an amazing person, even now she looks so beautiful and radiant. If you are not familiar with Twiggy here are some photos of her when she was young (credits to Google):

My absolute favorite photo of Twiggy!

love this look on her!
What a dream!

Why Twiggy?
Interestingly, her nickname came from her friends calling her Twigs for her twig-like legs. Her characteristic look is defined by her boyish haircut and the bold eyelashes she used to draw on herself as hers were really short, and she would always do her own eyes. Makes me wonder if I would be able to pull it off, although I highly doubt those striking black eyelashes would work on me haha.

You can see it better on these pics:


Twiggy is just so fab and started her career at such an early age. She was raised in London and just when she was 16 a hairstylist cut her hair short and took head shots of her to hang in his salon. These were later seen by a fashion journalist who wrote for a newspaper. After meeting her she published an article in which she featured Twiggy as "The Face of 1966". This launched her career, she then moved to New York a year later and quickly became the world's first supermodel. Everyone loved her, and how can you not love Twiggy! She is so beautiful and shy and her accent is so cute, which I noticed when watching her biography on YouTube haha. Also, I found this video of her dancing and modeling, it's so freaking adorable haha you should definitely check it out!

Twiggy Now
Twiggy has had so much success throughout her life, you may have even seen her as a judge on America's Next Top Model (one of my fave shows). Twiggy did it all, from modeling to acting, dancing and singing! I must say she is now my favorite all-time fashion icon and I wish I had gotten to know her!


  1. I love and adore twiggy. She made her look her own; she showed that it was ok not to look like everyone else. She charmed the world with her big eyes and sparkling smile. A true icon. I am glad you found her and now when others come across your blog they too might be introduced to her.

  2. love all her pink. makes me want to wear some more pink!

  3. Oh yes,totally agree!!!Love Twiggy, so thanks for sharing!Very inspirational post!

  4. She is incredible isn't she?

    Maryjane xoxo


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